CA: I took responsibility in the interaction design of the concept. Here I wanted to explore the value of aesthetics and creativity in the interaction with a digital object. We decided to develop both an interaction prototype and a functional prototype. I learned how to deliberately translate interaction theories to design a holistically orchestrated interaction. It was my first time to make interaction prototypes and to reflect in physical movements and gestures to fit the vision of the concept. 

BE: I took responsibility for the business aspect of the projects with Auping and the design of the interaction of the prototypes. During this project I experienced what it means to balance stakeholder benefits by creating a product that provides a rich user experience and also making it into a sellable proposition. The collaboration with Auping afterwards, taught me how to deal with the financial aspect of entrepreneurship by requesting funding and effectively investing it. Moreover, by researching competitors, extending to concept to a branded product for the exhibition, and setting up an experiment to evaluate the business model taught me how to quickly evaluate a proposition. Overall, the project improved my professional communication skills and entrepreneurial sensitivity.

TR: To prove the technical working of the concept, we designed a functional prototype that mechanically adjusted the sand flow of the hourglass. For the interaction prototype we found a glassblower to collaborate with. This experienced confirmed the value of collaborating with craftsmen and experts in the development of high-quality prototypes.

US: In this project we’ve setup several dairy studies. This experience showed me how to low fidelity research prototypes can have a formative function in the early stages of design process.

MDC: I wanted to improve my coding skills so, I decided to program the emergent properties of the prototype in the online connection with the model house of the squad. This made me aware of the digital complexity of intelligent concepts.